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bug#6130: 23.1; artist-mode spray-can malfunction

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#6130: 23.1; artist-mode spray-can malfunction
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 19:23:41 +0100

> Could you take a look at the existing callers to see how they would
> react to receiving nil (instead of a frame), or a frame (as now), or an
> error (instead of a frame)?

Daniel in his first post wrote that

  I also went ahead and searched the lisp/ tree for other places that
  looked risky -- that is, where a position object was assumed to hold a
  window in a context where there was no such guarantee. Nothing jumped
  out at me, but there could be any number of issues with third-party

so I think this has been taken care of already.

>>> and/or deprecate it (in favor of a new posn-window-or-frame).
>> That's what I had in mind.
> But that only makes sense if most callers of posn-window can (or would
> like to) also handle a frame.

Then we have still another choice: Provide a function `posn-frame' and
have `posn-window' return nil when the first element is a frame.  This
would backfire for people who would like `posn-window' to always return
the first element of a position.


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