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bug#19983: 24.4; exit-emacs regression in 24.4?

From: Sam Halliday
Subject: bug#19983: 24.4; exit-emacs regression in 24.4?
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2015 20:00:35 +0000

This is far too sporadic,feel free to close. There is definitely something funky going on but it seems to only be triggered by an intricate combination of non-trivial exit hooks, emacs 24.4 and a process that runs to completion.

On 14 Mar 2015 10:36, "Sam Halliday" <address@hidden> wrote:
Andreas Schwab writes:
>> ================================================================
>> 052f924a01f8a65ca0bfc9e6584302613e019489 is the first bad commit
> That may mean that you misattributed one of the steps.  Perhaps the
> failure condition actually depends on external events?

That was a PEBCAK :-)

Running again, this commit is good. Hopefully we'll have our answer in
the next few hours.

Best regards,

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