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bug#23484: 25.1.50; undo doesn't work properly in xref-query-replace-in-

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: bug#23484: 25.1.50; undo doesn't work properly in xref-query-replace-in-results
Date: Sun, 08 May 2016 23:19:07 +0300
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> 1. Do a search that has several matches in one buffer, e.g. using
> dired-do-find-regexp.
> 2. Press `r' in the *xref* buffer, to initiate replacement.  Input `.*'
> and `abcd', for instance.  This value of FROM is important.
> 3. Replace a couple then undo that (press y, y, u, u).
> 4. Try agreeing with the subsequent prompts.  The replacements performed
> then will be wrong.
> I've tried to come up with a patch but stopped short of really delving
> into the code of perform-replace. Which seems really necessary at this
> point. Attaching what I already have.

I can't reproduce this when using normal query-replace.
Is this caused by binding local variables in xref--query-replace-1?
Then maybe there is a better way to achieve the same.

> The big problem is that perform-replace does not consistently use
> replace-re-search-function. With the new undo code, it's became worse.
> After you press `u', it seems to switch to moving around the saved match
> data stack and using a plain looking-at, without checking with
> isearch-filter-predicate.

You don't need isearch-filter-predicate when doing undo
because a previous replacement already checked it, no?

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