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bug#24707: 25.1; Window shrinks automatically after opening at normal si

From: Ivor Durham
Subject: bug#24707: 25.1; Window shrinks automatically after opening at normal size
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2016 12:34:57 -0700

What was your previous version of Emacs?

-- From the DNF log cleanup messages it appears the package version was
emacs-1:24.5-10.fc23.x86_64. The installed package is now listed as

> Firefox, Thunderbird, gimp, etc. all open their window(s) normally on 
> my remotely connected system.

What happens if you invoke "emacs -q" (lowercase 'q')?  Do you see the
splash screen with the GNU image?

-- I'm not able to capture video of my screen, but it appears I get a black
screen briefly before the normal Emacs window appears which then shrinks. I
am not seeing the logo explicitly, but the switch too fast to determine
whether or not an image actually appears. With no arguments other than "-q"
it ends up in the "Welcome to GNU Emacs, one component ..." window. I could
try capturing the screen via smartphone video if that would help then I
could look at it one frame at a time.

> I did, however, make a discovery later after reporting the problem: 
> When connected remotely, I found that the bash shell DISPLAY 
> environment variable is set to "localhost:10.0". If I set DISPLAY to 
> my remote system's actual address (""), the window 
> opens normally and doesn't shrink after opening.

Later you wrote (again, in a private email):

> I take back the discovery; It's back to shrinking the window this 
> morning even with DISPLAY set to the actual address.

-- Indeed I cannot explain why it appeared to work correctly last night with
the modified DISPLAY value but not now.

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