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bug#24707: 25.1; Window shrinks automatically after opening at normal si

From: Ivor Durham
Subject: bug#24707: 25.1; Window shrinks automatically after opening at normal size
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2016 12:43:38 -0700

I've used the iSpring screen video capture tool to record the behavior when
I launch "emacs -Q" with the DISPLAY environment variable set as
"". The video is accessible on YouTube at
https://youtu.be/M0Um2F2oWx4 or I can attach it as needed.

Stepping through the video one frame at a time in Windows Movie Maker
reveals the following sequence:

1. The window first opens on the remote laptop at the expected size with a
black background, but no Emacs logo.
2. A grey square appears in the upper-left corner of the window occupying
about 1/3 of the width & height of the window.
3. The window turns white and the Emacs menu bar appears.
4. The buffer status bar appears with one empty buffer line between the menu
bar and the status bar at the top of the window. (This is the first sign
something unusual is happening.)
5. Two more menu items appear at the end of the menu bar: Lisp-Interaction
and Help
6. The window changes size automatically.
7. The status bar moves down leaving room for 3 buffer lines above it and a
"For information about GNU Emacs ..." line below it.
8. The mode in the status bar says "Lisp-Interaction" instead of

Does this give any clue about where the problem I might look for the cause
of this problem?

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