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bug#25671: Feature request: emacs -Q --script as a single binary

From: Clément Pit--Claudel
Subject: bug#25671: Feature request: emacs -Q --script as a single binary
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2017 16:14:41 -0500
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Hi bug-gnu-emacs,

Since version 22 Emacs lets scripts begin with a shebang line:

  #!/usr/bin/emacs --script
  ;; Some ELisp code here

This breaks if Emacs isn't installed in /usr/bin, though.  Thus, one would want 
to write this:

  #!/usr/bin/env emacs --script
  ;; Some ELisp code here

But this doesn't work (env doesn't split its arguments), and it also breaks 
even if one is happy with hardcoding /usr/bin/emacs but tries to pass more than 
one argument (think -Q and --script).  Thus one writes this:

  ":"; exec emacs -Q --script "$0" "$@" # -*- mode: emacs-lisp; 
lexical-binding: t; -*-


This isn't pretty.  Could we set up emacs to assume --script and possibly -Q 
when started as "elisp", or "emacs-script", or some other name (that is, could 
we make it so that invoking emacs with argv[0] = ".../elisp" starts emacs -Q 
--script)? (And ideally Emacs would ignore all options after the script's name, 
to let the script itself process them).


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