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bug#26104: 26.0.50; In Ubuntu, having mouse over other frame cause Alt k

From: Jonathan Ganc
Subject: bug#26104: 26.0.50; In Ubuntu, having mouse over other frame cause Alt key to produce a <switch-frame> event
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2017 23:56:11 -0400
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On 04/05/2017 02:58 AM, martin rudalics wrote:

‘yank-pop’ by itself does not query the mouse position so "pressing the
Alt key produces a <switch-frame> event" as you said earlier does not
describe what really happens.  Someone else must have changed
`last-command' to `switch-frame' and it would be essential to find out
who.  And, as a furthe clue, the event must have come from a mouse move
since according to "the mouse is positioned over the other frame" this
is the only thing you do in between ‘yank’ and ‘yank-pop’ and if you do
not move the mouse in between them the M-y succeeds.  Or am I missing

switch-frame is produced when the Alt key is pressed (as soon as it is pressed, i.e. before the 'Y' is pressed). i can verify this by running 'read-event`, which triggers and produces switch-frame as soon as Alt is pressed. Conversely, the event is still generated even if I disable both my mouse and trackpad, the only things which can produce mouse motion.

If the above approach is inusfficient we indeed might have to add some
extra code to make_lispy_switch_frame in order to find out what happens.
In that case you have to be able to build Emacs on your machine.

I'm not averse to rebuilding emacs (I built the current version I'm using), if it could help.

I was trying to explore emacs input. One thing I've realized is that xev (i.e. if I monitor emacs using 'xev -id ...') does not see most keys (e.g. alphanumeric keys, Ctrl, shift) sent to emacs but it does see when Alt (or the Windows key) is pressed. So some keys are "special". I wish I knew about how emacs set this up.

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