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bug#21072: Brave new mark-defun (and a testing tool)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#21072: Brave new mark-defun (and a testing tool)
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2017 12:10:36 -0400
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> 1. What is the difference between (debug t) and (debug form body)?  From
> my understanding of the manual, there seems to be none.

Indeed, no significant difference.

> 2. I still don't fully get the `eval-and-compile' stuff.  What exactly
> happens when the file is compiled?

During compilation, (eval-and-compile E) will be treated (i.e. compiled)
just like E, except that E is evaluated along the way (so the
definitions present in E are available during compilation).

> I understand that its forms are not evaluated.

They are.  It's for `eval-when-compile` that they aren't.

> But are the _defmacro_ forms evaluated during compilation?

The defmacro forms are always evaluated (and byte-compiled) during
compilation (as if they were implicitly wrapped inside an

> 3. Do I get it correctly that the purpose of the `ignore' calls is to
> silence the compiler warnings about `let'ting a variable which is then
> not used in the body of `let'?



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