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bug#28605: 26.0.60; Part of leftmost character hidden

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#28605: 26.0.60; Part of leftmost character hidden
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2017 20:18:28 +0200

>> You mean that the scroll bar from the window on the left affects the
>> things displayed in the window on the right?
> Yes, the scroll bar affects the window on both sides. It's only the frame edge
> with no scroll bar that shows a fringe.

Can you please be a bit more precise: How would the scroll bar affect
the window on _both_ sides?  Does the scroll bar also affect the
contents of the window it belongs to?

> The hidpi scaling in gnome works only so far, and I'm not sure all of gtk
> is aware of the setting. But then I know next to nothing about gtk.
> The menu-bar and scroll-bars get decent size, but I select a larger font
> for emacs using X resources (turned off for the report). I noticed
> yesterday that the fringes are dis-proportionally narrow and the fringe
> symbols almost unreadable.

On a frame with such bad fringes please do

M-: (window--dump-frame) RET

This should get you a buffer with the name *window-frame-dump*.  Please
post the contents of that buffer here.

Thanks, martin

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