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bug#31815: 27.0; Inappropriate use of curly quotes in `info.el'

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#31815: 27.0; Inappropriate use of curly quotes in `info.el'
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2018 15:09:25 -0700 (PDT)

> >> > I didn't suggest restoring the quotes to non-curly in Info.
> >>
> >> If you rephrase your suggestion as a patch, then we won't have to
> >> play guessing games.
> >
> > What's to guess?  I said clearly in _each_ of my posts
> > to this bug thread, starting with the report itself,
> > that it's about the use of such chars in the Lisp source
> > files - in particular in `info.el'.
> In the OP you said
>     They were all changed from this text:
>       Index for `%s'
>     The latter text should be restored.
> Which would affect the text in Info buffers (because it's the argument
> to an `insert' call which is evaluated in an Info buffer).  I'm not sure
> if you are just ignoring the effect of the change you propose, or you
> have some additional changes in mind.

I've said multiple times, very clearly, that the _bug_, the
problem for users that is reported, is the presences of
curly quotes in Lisp source code.  It can make it difficult
for users who copy+paste such Lisp code.  And that statement
too is about curly quotes in Lisp source code.

The point is to not have those quotes in the Lisp source
code.  That does not imply that they cannot appear in Info.

Yes, technically, if "the latter text" is simply "restored"
then the Info text would be affected.

But that's not the point of the bug, as the context and the
several other mails in the thread all make clear, repeatedly.

There are other ways to get the effect of curly quotes in
Info than to insert that literal text.  It is clear from
the context that I was not proposing that only restoring
the exact same text in the Lisp code is an acceptable fix.

The point of a bug report is to state the problem, not to
prescribe a particular solution, and certainly not to claim
that there is only one possible solution.

The point of that text, which I think you should (and do?)
realize, is that the curly quotes should be removed from
the Lisp code.  Nothing more, nothing less.

I corrected a misinterpretation more than once in this
thread.  It's simply not about curly quotes in Info.
And it could not be, given that it has been stated that
Emacs has no control over the appearance of curly quotes
in Info (alas).

> > And anyway Eli has said that he doesn't see any reason to care about
> > users copy+pasting our Lisp source code. Won't fix.
> Okay.

Not okay; too bad.

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