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bug#32207: 26.1; can't set window position with emacs 26.3

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#32207: 26.1; can't set window position with emacs 26.3
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2018 08:41:38 +0200

> No, it fails to position the initial frame period.  I start
> one emacs on the "default/initial" screen, another a few
> screens away.  Neither obeys the command line position.

I was confused by your earlier text ...

>> them on desk 1/page 1 and desk1/page 5 of my FVWM
>> configuration, and they both start on desk 1/page 1, at the

... and so I now presume that the desk/page specifications have no
relevance to the problem.  Right?

>> Does positioning a new frame in a running Emacs session via
>> (make-frame '((left . x) (top . y)))
> Just tried it with x and y within the physical desktop and a
> few screens away and neither worked.

Aha.  So let's concentrate on 'make-frame' from a running Emacs
session to avoid dealing with the startup rigmarole.

> However, if I kill fvwm and use make-frame, it WORKS!  Even
> off screen, which I can see when I restart fvwm.
> This is interesting, as I'm running the same fvwm as with
> the previous emacs, where this worked.  Also xterms position
> themselves properly.  Just tried glxgears, mplayer and it
> works with those too.  Xv works within the physical screen,
> it doesn't off-screen.
> Maybe Emacs changed the way it requests the screen position
> to a way that fvwm doesn't like.  I'll need to try with
> another window manager.

We already have a new window manager dependent issue with Bug#31745.
Just that fvwm is not listed there IIRC.


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