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bug#32207: 26.1; can't set window position with emacs 26.3

From: Henrique Martins
Subject: bug#32207: 26.1; can't set window position with emacs 26.3
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2018 13:14:26 -0700

>> Compiled 25 and ran "emacs -Q -g ...'.
>> It places the window fine
> What are the -g specifications?

emacs -Q -g 40x20+400+400

> It is possible that 18 * 84 which gives 1512 pixels + 400
> which gives 1912 pixels is too high for your screen.

The created frame is well within my 1920x1080 screen

> Let's do away with -g and resources for the moment and try
> starting Emacs as follows:
> emacs -Q --eval "(setq initial-frame-alist '((width . 41) (height . 84) (left 
> . 400) (top . 400)))"

I used
  emacs -Q --eval "(setq initial-frame-alist '((width . 40) (height . 20) (left 
. 400) (top . 400)))"
to match the above.

With Emacs 25 it ends up in the correct position, but sizes
are messed up. The initial scratch window occupies some top
left portion of the window, with matching size menubars and
scrollbars in the middle of the window :-) and rest of frame

Emacs 26 works perfectly! even with off-screen positions.

I'll added this to my .xclients script (though -g ought to
work) and will check next time I need to restart X.

-- Henrique

PS: Adding "(user-position . t)" to the -F argument of calls
to emacsclient to place frames in my other three screens,
seems to also put them where I want them too.

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