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bug#32607: 27.0.50; pop-to-buffer in next-error-no-select

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: bug#32607: 27.0.50; pop-to-buffer in next-error-no-select
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2018 01:06:34 +0300
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>> What is bad in user customization?
> That this particular one
> (setq display-buffer-alist '(("\\`\\*grep\\*\\'" display-buffer-same-window)))
> apparently doesn't do what its writer intended.  This customization
> means that its writer requests to display the buffer in the selected
> window _regardless_ of whether the displayed buffer is already
> displayed anywhere else.  Such a request is legitimate (think of the
> case where I am perviewing a part of a buffer in another window and I
> do not want to change that window's point) and an application should
> not override it.

This is the right customization.  The intended customization is to
display the buffer in the same window, even if this buffer is already
displayed in another window: the user navigates to the needed window
and wants this buffer to appear in the selected window, not to switch to
some other window that might already display it.  That's the point of
this bug report.

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