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bug#32722: [O] bug#32722: 26.1; Org-publish depend on non-free platform

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: bug#32722: [O] bug#32722: 26.1; Org-publish depend on non-free platform ?
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2018 14:40:16 +0200
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

> What is the source license of Mobile.org?

It is GPL2+.

> Does Mobile.org for Android link with any nonfree libraries,
> such as Google Play Library?

No idea.

> Is it listed in f-droid.org?

Yes, it is.

> If there is a way to use Dropbox (for those operations that are
> necessary in this context) without running any nonfree client
> software, it would be ok to recommend using Dropbox _in that way_.
> (The operations necessary in this context must include creating an
> account.)

I don't know.

> Is this a way to use MobileOrg without Dropbox?

Yes, it is. MobileOrg just needs to get read/write access to some Org
files from anywhere. Dropbox is one way to do that. Any online storage
with WebDAV support fits the bill, too.

I think Dropbox is being mentioned because it may not be trivial for
users to do self-hosting or to find an ethical location for their files.
So, here comes the ready-to-use solution.

> Is the WebDAV server code free software?

At least some implementations are, e.g., Nextcloud, listed in the FSF

> Can you talk to such a server without any nonfree client software?

I do it with Gnome file manager. There is also an official client for
Nextcloud, which is free.


Nicolas Goaziou                                                0x80A93738

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