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bug#32722: [O] bug#32722: bug#32722: bug#32722: 26.1; Org-publish depend

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: bug#32722: [O] bug#32722: bug#32722: bug#32722: 26.1; Org-publish depend on non-free platform ?
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2018 11:22:49 +0100
User-agent: mu4e 1.1.0; emacs 26.1

On Fri, Sep 21 2018, Richard Stallman wrote:

>   > There are a handful of references to MELPA inside Emacs.  Are these to
>   > be discouraged?
> The question is rather broad, so I can only say "it depends".  Whether
> a reference to software outside Emacs is good or bad depends on its
> semantics -- that is, on what it says _about_ the software that it
> references -- and on circumstances.
> Here's a general answer in terms of rules and circumstances.

Thank you for the thorough answer.

I've checked, and currently all of the references to MELPA tend to
encourage interested users to install outside, free, software.

> If logically it should be part of Emacs, we should arrange to do the
> job with code that IS part of Emacs.

At the moment the only *possible* example for this category that I found
among the references to code on MELPA is BBDB -- but I assume that
there's a longstanding decision that BBDB is best kept separate.

(And back to the main theme it seems clear that what htmlize does should
logically be part of Emacs.)

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