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bug#33006: 27.0.50; `dired-do-find-regexp' doesn't work for remote direc

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: bug#33006: 27.0.50; `dired-do-find-regexp' doesn't work for remote directories
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2018 02:34:28 +0300
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Hi Michael,

Sorry for the late reply.

On 21.10.2018 14:56, Michael Albinus wrote:

The appended patch fixes this for me. But since I don't know xref.el in
detail, I fear I introduce collateral damages. At least a second opinion
about the patch would be welcome, before I commit it to master.

Ping. Dmitry, could you pls comment?

The patch doesn't look dangerous to me, so you can go ahead and install, thank you.

There is, however, a possible inconsistency: it touches xref--collect-matches-1, which is used both in xref-collect-matches and xref-collect-references. And you only changed the former function.

Could you check that M-x xref-find-references didn't work on remote directories before your patch anyway? If it did, though, please make sure that it continues to do so.

Bonus points for fixing it, at least when Grep is used (the relevant file is lisp/cedet/semantic/symref/grep.el).

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