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bug#33458: 27.0.50; dired loses position when reverted from outside plac

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#33458: 27.0.50; dired loses position when reverted from outside place
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2018 09:21:35 +0100

>> The buffer's point is OK.  So we could introduce a variable, say
>> 'set-window-point-from-point', and set this to t when reverting a
>> buffer reveals that 'get-buffer-window' is nil.  Redisplaying the
>> buffer would then always go to the buffer's point instead of some
>> position stored in the window's list of previous buffers.
>> I'm not sure when to reset this mechanism though.  The first time we
>> display the buffer again?  Then switching to that buffer in another
>> window later would suffer from the initial problem.  Keep it for every
>> other window until it has seen the buffer again?  How would we do
>> that?
> Maybe until point is moved to another position either by the user or
> by any other code that doesn't set 'set-window-point-from-point' again.

I'm not sure how to avoid defeating the idea behind 'window-point' -
showing the same buffer at different positions simultaneously.

>> Finally note that this does not fix the dired problem.  There we want
>> the cursor go to the line showing the file where point previously was
>> in that window.
> Maybe for dired store meta-information such as dired-filename
> in window parameters.  Then when a dired buffer is restored in a window,
> and dired-revert moved point-marker to the beginning of the dired buffer,
> move point to the file from the window parameter.

Interesting idea.  The parameter could also include the name of the
file at 'window-start' and try to restore that position as well.
Still we'd have to access each window's list of previous and next
buffers and store the parameter only if the buffer appears in any of
these lists (not to talk about window configurations stored somewhere
else).  And we would have to remove the parameter whenever the buffer
gets killed.


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