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bug#38324: 27.0.50; package corruption? cannot de install packages

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: bug#38324: 27.0.50; package corruption? cannot de install packages
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2020 23:15:10 +0100
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>>> "SK" == Stefan Kangas <address@hidden> writes:


   >> 4. I type ? Because I want to understand the dependency but I
   >> obtain an error (debug-on-error t) which I attach. 

   > (I'm only addressing everything up to step 4 below.)

   > matlab-mode is a dependency of the org-babel-eval-in-repl on MELPA.
   > So I installed the org-babel-eval-in-repl package, and tried your
   > recipe. And I got a backtrace on current master.

   > But I'm getting a different backtrace than you did:

   > Now, the above happens because, when there is no README file,
   > `package--get-description' expects there to be a (format "%s.el"
   > package-name) file where we can read the information for installed
   > packages.

Ah I did not know thanks, for pointing this. I did not know about it.

   > But that's not a convention that the "matlab-mode" package follows for
   > some reason.  (This requirement/convention does not seem to be
   > documented in the manual; see (info "(elisp)Multi-file Packages").)

   > Maybe we need to think a bit about what we can do in these cases.  For
   > example, there is a matlab.el file that we could have been using
   > instead.  But the question is if we want to start adding heuristics
   > here, and if so, which.

   > Or should we just document the requirement and tell package authors
   > that they just have to follow it?  Does anyone else have an opinion
   > here?

   >    (NOTE: There is a README.org in the matlab-mode git repository[1]
   >    but it is not included in the MELPA package.  That should probably
   >    be fixed, presumably by updating the MELPA recipe.)

Ok, I should add that I am the current matlab repository maintainer at
sourceforge, github is mirror (I rarely provide matlab code, do more
testing and all the repository stuff, like merging etc)

A short while ago I updated the MELPA recipe.

Question, is it sufficient to add the README.org file, or should I,
even, rename the file to README before adding it to the recipe?

   > ---

   > That said, I don't think I understand the below backtrace:
   > In any case, could you please try this again on current master and see
   > if you are still seeing the above backtrace, or if you are now seeing
   > the same as me.  Thanks in advance.

I am currently, using Ubuntu 16.04, unable to compile Emacs master, I
already started a discussion on emacs devel, the problem seems some
bizarre unresolved png library dependency, after I upgraded my png


Uwe Brauer 

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