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bug#22118: 23.2; Hitting ^W in a search selects the wrong word.

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: bug#22118: 23.2; Hitting ^W in a search selects the wrong word.
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2020 02:58:18 +0300
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> Is the below patch still relevant?

I don't know.  My patch tried to make the behavior in case of error
slightly more useful, but now I see nothing useful in it because
after a failure it makes no sense to type C-w C-w C-w ...

I don't recommend making code in isearch.el more complicated to handle
useless cases.  So I won't complain if you'll close this report.  :-)

>>> I would say, either update the text window too or disallow using ^W
>>> after a failure.
>> I agree that the current behavior is not ideal.  The problem is that
>> it's difficult to make it more intuitive to work with different
>> workflows such as when failing not at the end of the buffer
>> but due to a non-existent string, e.g. typing ‘zzz C-w C-w C-w’.
>> Please try this patch that takes into account such possible scenarios.
>> However, I don't agree this is a bug, I think it just provides a more
>> useful behavior, so perhaps it shouldn't be installed to emacs-25.

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