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PSPP-BUG: Re: [bug #31511] PSPPIre 0.7.6 crashes on launch

From: Fredrik Clementz
Subject: PSPP-BUG: Re: [bug #31511] PSPPIre 0.7.6 crashes on launch
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 14:17:35 +0100

So there is aproblem then. I managed to get to that recently used file... attached as follows (noet: I renamed it a bit..)

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 2:08 PM, Harry Thijssen <address@hidden> wrote:
2010/11/16 Fredrik Clementz <address@hidden>:
> Hi there,
> I didn't really get what you meant by test 1 and test 2 (ehrm, possibly an
> idiot, but that's life).

See add the end of this posting.
Ok, I build a new installation and published it.

> Note that a uninstall and reinstall of the other file 20101030 didn't work
> ....

Possible reasons:
- several pspp versions installed on top of each other
- data files in de program directories
- delete the pspp directorie with it's content

> Dunno what you did but good!

I used the old toolset. So the problem will be back as soon as I update.

Would you mind mailing  me the file on (for WindowsXP) c:\documents
and settings\<your user>\..recently-used.xbel
With this file I may be can reproduce the problem so I can find what is wrong.

Have fun

A rewritten description  of the tests (should be done with the
20101030 version) is:

test 1)
go to  | start | all programs | bureau assecoires | Command prompt | and type
   del %userprofile%\.recently-used.xbel
   mkdir %userprofile%\.recently-used.xbel
close the Command prompt and check if PSPP works now.
This is maybe a temporary workaround but it could interfere with other programs.
After finishing the test
go to  | start | all programs | bureau assecoires | Command prompt | and type
    rd %userprofile%.recently-used.xbel
and close the command prompt .

test 2)
Find the PSPP program directory. Most likely C:\program files\PSPP
Open ..\PSPP\share\themes\MS-Windows\GTK2-0\gtkrc with wordpad and add the lines
  gtk-recent-files-limit = 0
  gtk-recent-files-max-age = 0
as the first 2 lines in
Test if PSPP works now

Fredrik Clementz

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