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Re: gettext-0.14.1 check failures

From: pete Spam-Avoider
Subject: Re: gettext-0.14.1 check failures
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005 21:39:44 -0500

     hi Bruno,

     I changed the name of the older libintl.h to libintl.hide
     The copyright date in libintl.hide file is 1995 and in
     the newer libintl.h the latest copyright date is 2000.
     From the file date of libintl.h i would guess that it
     may have been installed with glibc-2.2.5.

     I then recompiled gettext-0.14.1 and the 'warning's
     that i saw on the previous compile had disappeared.

     The result of "make check' produces only the expected
     "FAIL: format-c-5".

     As for the previous failure of "lang-c++" it now 

        Couldn't set locale.
        SKIP: lang-c++

     Since its now a SKIP i won't worry about it and 
     just go ahead and install gettext.

     Thanks for the help.

     pete jordan 
     x2164 AT mailcity com

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