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Re: non-ASCII character in untranslated strings

From: Paul Pogonyshev
Subject: Re: non-ASCII character in untranslated strings
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 22:48:52 +0300
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Chuck Swiger wrote:
> Paul Pogonyshev wrote:
> > I'm afraid I don't have the sources.
> The GPL guarantees you access to the sources.  However, most probably, they 
> came with the Linux CD you installed your system from, or are available from 
> the Debian site...

I know, but I don't have the sources locally and not going to download them
over a 54 K modem.  I'll trust your word here :)

> >>> Do you mean this problem exists on new distributions?
> >> Newer distros use newer glibcs and therefore will not have this problem.
> > 
> > That's true.  Just very sad that this problem was fixed not long ago
> > and is still present in some _current_ new distros (Debian Sarge is
> > quite new.)  I assume there is no way to overcome it other than
> > upgrading libc (which I cannot demand from users)?
> Oh, you have lots of choices.  This includes building a fixed version of libc 
> yourself, updating your deployed systems to a newer OS release, living with 
> the problem, finding a workaround, or finding some other tool to use.

Well, that are the choices for me, but nothing to fix on my side so that
users get a working program without additional effort (of building, upgrading
etc...)  And I'm certainly not going to drop gettext because of this: I find
it superior to catgets-like translation systems and the problem I stumbled
upon is the only one I know in gettext.

I'll revert adding non-ASCII characters to untranslated strings.  That's
bad, but looks like I have no other options for now...



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