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Re: libexpat dependency

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: libexpat dependency
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 22:29:38 +0100
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Rolandas wrote:
> Fix x-glade.c for Win32/MinGW compilation, since xgettext.exe reports
> "This version was built without expat" when using "glade" language,
> even if the source was configured with "--with-libexpat-prefix":

Your message is so terse that it makes little sense to me. It would be clearer
if you stated clearly and separately
  - what problem occurred (including error messages and configure output),
  - what change you attempted to do,
  - whether it fixed the problem.

With the little information you gave, I can only guess that your problem
was that you built GNU gettext from source on mingw, according to the
README.woe32 and additionally specifying
  ./configure --with-libexpat-prefix=... ...
and ran "xgettext -L glade ...", and got the error message
"This version was built without expat".

This will happen if the libexpat-prefix does not contain an expat.h file
in its include/ directory, or does not include a complete libexpat in
its lib/ directory. You will find more details in the config.log file.


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