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Re: [Bug-gnubg] temperature map updated

From: Sho Sengoku
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] temperature map updated
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 00:31:38 -0500

> So - blue (cold, negative equity) .. white (no change) .. red (hot,
> positive equity)
I use a single temperature (color) scale for two or more
positions when comparing candidate moves for a position with
a given dice roll. Each position after move has different
average equity, and "white" or "no change" color can be
assigned to average equity of only one of those positions.
I improvised a "2 color" version of the "TempMap" generator
(_javascript_) so you can play with those colors:
I moved color related lines to the top of the script, and
you can chose colors and "white" point by changing following
    HOT     = 'FF0000'      ; // Hottest (Red)
    MID     = 'FFFFFF'      ; // Average (White)
    ICE     = '8080FF'      ; // Coldest (Light Blue)
    function Tx(EQ){
      ///// Trial #1
      ///// White => Average equity after Move A
      // var MD  = MA
      ///// Trial #2
      ///// White => Average equity after Move B
      // var MD  = MB
      ///// Trial #3
      ///// White => Mean of full scale (Max + Min)/2
      var MD  = (Max + Min)/2;
After you adjust those parameters, reload the script in your
browser, then click [Set example data] and [Image] for the
"Layout 3".
Personally, I don't like this "two color" method because
it doesn't look very intuitive to me. I have to work a bit
harder to balance out between "how wonderfully red" and
"how terribly blue" to figure out nature of those positions. 
Sho Sengoku

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