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Re: [Bug-gnubg]

From: Holger
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg]
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 19:55:35 +0200

At 09:23 26.06.2003 -0700, Hugh Sconyers wrote:
This bug occurs when doing rollouts and just now occurred when gnu was just running, but now working on anything.

Think it has to do with screen safer.

You get a black window's box with title 'GNU Backgammon for Windows' and error message is:

(gnubg.exe:2148): **: gdkdrawable-win32.c:blit_from_pixmap:798 BitB
It failed:  The handle is invalid.

Another user (Mirori) has reported this bug, too. However, I haven't been able to reproduce it yet. Anyone else with hopefully something more specific?

It almost looks like a GTK+ (GDK) bug, that we probably can't do anything about. There is a new GTK+ version for Windows available, but it doesn't seem to run well.

if you don't close this box gnu will continue to function. If you close the box gnu closes without saving any work.

The work-around if such warnings appear is to just minimize the DOS window. It doesn't affect the normal operation of gnubg.



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