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[Bug-gnubg] Another contribution

From: Rob
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Another contribution
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 15:56:37 -0400

Okay, I've modified gtkcube.c so that the headings Win, Win(g), Win(bg),
etc, are displayed.

This is done by adding a function, OutputPercentsTable that spits out a
2-row Gtk Table Widget, and replacing the OutputPercents call in
CubeAnalysis with it.

Now as for Nardy's Makefile, I noticed that after all the help you guys gave
me today, that it still did full recompiles every time. I had to REM out the
code that replaced config.h, and the line that deleted *.o.

Then I modified the Makefile so that .o files were only dependent upon their
source file. My changes to Nardy's Makefile weren't elegant, but it's a heck
of a lot faster to compile. This is attached here as well.

Nardy, may I please also suggest that you put a comment on the top of the
makefile to indicate that it's yours?

(Hey, is it not yours?? :) )

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