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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Another contribution

From: Michael Petch
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Another contribution
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 18:08:12 -0600

On Thu, 2003-08-14 at 16:34, Nardy Pillards wrote:

> Configure does not find GTK+ 1.3 (pkg_config), nor Freetype 6.
> Make generates the .gmo files in \po, libevent.a is created in \lib.
> For \doc it tells 'missing makeinfo' (although makeinfo.exe is
> Readline support messes up with languages and Python is detected in
Configure, but 
> not found by Make causing it to exit.
> I was looking forward to see how you did with the GUI version (with
GTK+ 1.3).
> If there is any chance telling what you did, I would appreciate it.
> Nardy

Yes, besides all the fixes to the Makefile.am, and the configure.in
scripts, along with the few code changes that were committed to CVS a
week and a half ago... the MINGW/MSYS environment needed tweaking. When
I say you'd require a small tar ball to apply the file changes I amde to
get things going.

But the files that changed, oddly enough (besides Automake 1.6 being
required) all had to do with things you brought up. I hadn't compiled in
Python and guile, I had not spent too much time on those and then the
readline issue (which I thing is something that is really a non issue
but I won't know till I start from a scratch environment)

Most of your comments come down to the fact that configure was clueless
to know where libxml, was freetype, gtk (for that matter), even a
problem with glib detection. The reason for this is that when installing
developer headers and libraries, most often the files that pkg-config
use have hard coded paths to directories that don't exist. SO one of the
first things you have to do is go through all the files in
/mingw/lib/pkgconfig/ directory and make sure that all hard coded paths
(usually justt he prefix environment variable are pointing to the right
place. I think in the case of glib the prefix and one of the include
directories had to be fixed up. Then of course gtk-config (and I believe
libxml2-config) were not present so they would not be detected. So in
the /mingw/bin directory I had to create those scripts (I sorta used the
linux ones as templates and hacked them where appropriate).

There were complaints about the automake version, but once the
appropriate pkg-config files were there, and the *-config scripts placed
in bin, ./configure was successfully able to find everything it needed
(including gtk, xml, libintl, freetype etc).

The tarball I want to generate are replacement files for the ones in the
/mingw/lib/pkgconfig  and the /mingw/bin and the extra scripts that were
missing. You might ask why these files would be missing, or why they
have hard coded paths. One reason is that normally you download source,
do the configure make dance and do a configure install. Generally
configure install places the appropriate -config* files and takes the
prefix as defined by configure and places that pat inside of the files
in the pkgconfig directory. When you copy files from one system to
another, those paths may no longer be valid, and nothing is found (or is
found, but config options point to wrong place).

As of last week, I was able to pull the cvs tree every night and build a
GTK-1.3 (without python or guile), but everything else in there with
./configure (and appropriate options) and do a make.

Once I send the tar ball out, you should be able to add the changes to
your own packages.zip and theoretically it should work for anyone. 

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