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[Bug-gnubg] Translation issues

From: Petr Kadlec
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Translation issues
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 18:09:13 +0100

During translation of gnubg to Czech, I have found some terms that are not sent to gettext for translation and therefore are always in English. I have also encountered some more generic problems with the translation issues. (A question: should similar problems go here, or to the Savannah bug report system? Or, should I try to fix the problems myself and sent it to CVS? I don't know what is the good manner [and what rights do I have :) ].)

1. Generic problems
I use UTF-8 for Czech translation, which brings some issues that were probably not expected: - HTML, EPS, ... export is corrupt (HTML has encoding hardcoded to ISO-8859-1, I reported this into the Savannah system before), according to the ChangeLog, LaTeX export should be already corrected and use utf-8, which is great. - When gnubg uses a plain text field (I don't know how is this control properly called in GTK) in eval, gammon values, etc., the text is always corrupted. One cause is the text probably always uses iso-8859-1, the second is that it is probably unable to handle UTF-8 at all. I don't know a simple correct solution. Maybe the text has to be recoded by gnubg (from some specified input encoding (UTF-8 for Czech) to proper charset)? - What should I do with the tables, such as the basic probability table output by eval? Shouldn't the program try to print the table using some format with width specifiers? After "normal" translation, the table alignment is broken, I could use quirks like translating "xxx" to " yyy" instead of "yyy", but I don't think it should be done that way.

2. Items that are not translated, but should be:

4070 "Start a new money game session"
4659 "Go to default path"

261 "Bower's interpolation: "
        "%d%% cubeless gwc (%s on roll)"
334 "EPC = Effective pip count = "
        "Avg. rolls * 8.167"
340 "Wastage = EPC - Pips"
397 "Number of rolls to bear off, "
        "assuming each player has one "
        "chequer only."

93 pieceTypeStr is marked as translatable, but gettext is later never called on it
94 textureTypeStr dtto
551 "Show background in bear-off trays"
552 "If unset the bear-off trays will be drawn with the board colour"
1213--1221 "3d Performance is very fast/good/ok/poor/very poor.\n"
1223 "%s\n(%d frames per second)\n"
1291 "Light Source Type"
1298 "Positional"
1303 "Directional"
1309 "Light Position"
1319 "Left"
1331 "Right"
1340 "Bottom"
1353 "Top"
1359 "Low"
1371 "High"
1384 "Ambient"
1398 "Diffuse"
1412 "Specular"
1564 "FOV skew: "
1577 "Vary the field-of-view of the 3d display"
1582 "Display the 3d board with a 2d overhead view"

At more places in gnubg: "n/a" is translated only at some occurrences, left untranslated at others. It should probably be unified.

With regards,
Petr Kadlec

Diplomacy is the art of saying 'nice doggy' until you can find a rock. - Will Rogers (from Jeff Parrott)
Petr Kadlec, student
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
The Czech Technical University
address@hidden, ICQ #68196926

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