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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Translation issues

From: Jim Segrave
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Translation issues
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 21:02:04 +0100
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On Wed 19 Nov 2003 (18:09 +0100), Petr Kadlec wrote:
> Hello!
> During translation of gnubg to Czech, I have found some terms that are not 
> sent to gettext for translation and therefore are always in English. I have 
> also encountered some more generic problems with the translation issues. (A 
> question: should similar problems go here, or to the Savannah bug report 
> system? Or, should I try to fix the problems myself and sent it to CVS? I 
> don't know what is the good manner [and what rights do I have :) ].)
> 1. Generic problems
> - When gnubg uses a plain text field (I don't know how is this control 
> properly called in GTK) in eval, gammon values, etc., the text is always 
> corrupted. One cause is the text probably always uses iso-8859-1, the 
> second is that it is probably unable to handle UTF-8 at all. 

It should do so. If you set the language to cz_CZ.UTF-8, gnubg should
use UTF-8 character sets. You might try setting this in .gnubgautorc
set lang cz_CZ.UTF-8

> simple correct solution. Maybe the text has to be recoded by gnubg (from 
> some specified input encoding (UTF-8 for Czech) to proper charset)?
> - What should I do with the tables, such as the basic probability table 
> output by eval? Shouldn't the program try to print the table using some 
> format with width specifiers? After "normal" translation, the table 
> alignment is broken, I could use quirks like translating "xxx" to "   yyy" 
> instead of "yyy", but I don't think it should be done that way.

This may be trickier to fix

> 2. Items that are not translated, but should be:
> gtkgame.c
> 4070 "Start a new money game session"
> 4659 "Go to default path"

I think I fixed these and several others. I hope I didn't
simultaneously break anything

> gtkrace.c
> 261 "Bower's interpolation: "
>       "%d%% cubeless gwc (%s on roll)"
> 334 "EPC = Effective pip count = "
>       "Avg. rolls * 8.167"
> 340 "Wastage = EPC - Pips"
> 397 "Number of rolls to bear off, "
>       "assuming each player has one "
>       "chequer only."

and these

> gtkprefs.c
> 93 pieceTypeStr is marked as translatable, but gettext is later never 
> called on it
> 94 textureTypeStr dtto
> 551 "Show background in bear-off trays"
> 552 "If unset the bear-off trays will be drawn with the board colour"
> 1213--1221 "3d Performance is very fast/good/ok/poor/very poor.\n"
> 1223 "%s\n(%d frames per second)\n"
> 1291 "Light Source Type"
> 1298 "Positional"
> 1303 "Directional"
> 1309 "Light Position"
> 1319 "Left"
> 1331 "Right"
> 1340 "Bottom"
> 1353 "Top"
> 1359 "Low"
> 1371 "High"
> 1384 "Ambient"
> 1398 "Diffuse"
> 1412 "Specular"
> 1564 "FOV skew: "
> 1577 "Vary the field-of-view of the 3d display"
> 1582 "Display the 3d board with a 2d overhead view"

I think I got all these as well

> At more places in gnubg: "n/a" is translated only at some occurrences, left 
> untranslated at others. It should probably be unified.

I tried to find and fix all of these. There's a new gnubg.pot which
has the above strings (and the other new ones as well).

Jim Segrave           address@hidden

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