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[Bug-gnubg] Translation bugs, panel bug....

From: Renzo Campagna
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Translation bugs, panel bug....
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 11:14:29 +0100

Hi all,
first of all sorry for my bad english and thanks for this great sw.
My configurations are:
OS windows 2k pro sp4 & XP sp2
gnubg build 031203
1. analysis panel width is large for the mwc/equity column (over 50 characters, but needs only 6 for show numbers) only using italian translation; switching to english, width goes normally. When I click over an analysed move the board goes to 3cm. x 2 cm. in the left side of screen: is hard to view the chequers.
2. in analysis panel, details button never function. where can i found the mwc/equity values for w, wg, wbg, l, lg, & lbg for all the possible moves analysed?
3. I'm using msgfmt.exe to compile gnubg.mo from it.po but some strings i've changed (in a better translation)  goes in the compiled, some others no.
i.e. in it.po I have this one:
#: gtktoolbar.c:420
#, fuzzy
msgid "Open"
msgstr "Apri"
The button New in the GUI is correct Nuovo, but the button Open remain Open, don't change in Apri; why?
And many others don't goes in the italian translation, not only buttons; in the it.po file all these strings are correctly translated, but i never found in the compiled gnubg.mo
4. I've downloaded 1.14 it.po from savannah the day before goes down, and in that i think is the last it.po modified. I've found some strings with #fuzzy are completely wrong; why?
5. Is possible to fix geometry of the GUI to open gnubg full screen?
6. In win2k pro I can't play vs. gnubg in 3D visualization; can't move my chequers; switching to 2D all goes.
Many thanks & best regards

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