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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Translation bugs, panel bug....

From: Holger
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Translation bugs, panel bug....
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003 20:01:23 +0100

At 01:22 23.12.03 +0100, Renzo Campagna wrote:
>> At 11:14 22.12.2003, Renzo Campagna wrote:
>> >5. Is possible to fix geometry of the GUI to open gnubg full screen?
>> Not sure what you mean here.
>> GTK+, the GUI framework, resizes the GUI elements mostly on its own. If you
>> have the paneled version maximized the window will not get any bigger than
>> the screen, but the board may shrink to a hardly visible size. If you have
>> the window non-maximized, the board size will stay the same, but the window
>> edges might go off your screen.
>Sorry for my english again; Yes, you understand well what i mean, but the
>question is how to have gnubg maximized at the first launch, cause otherwise
>when I highlight an analysed move becomes large 2 times the screen (this is

Right click on the shortcut of gnubg e.g. in the start menu and select
Properties. There you'll find an option "Execute Normal
window/Minimized/Maximized" and select maximized.

>> >6. In win2k pro I can't play vs. gnubg in 3D visualization; can't move my
>> >chequers; switching to 2D all goes.
>> Why? Any error message? Too slow? ...
>Nothing, simply can't move chequers, no error message. I've reinstalled all
>the GUI but 3D is the same: roll dice, sometimes wins gnubg first roll, he
>moves and i can't. Switch to 2D and I can play; this happen also if I switch
>during the game, but this is the minor bug and probably only on my pc; if
>You have any suggestion ok, but is not a great problem.

No idea, very strange.

>But for many more important questions 1 3 and 4?

Haven't touched these things yet. Others?

Merry Christmas,


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