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Re: [Bug-gnubg] USE_OLD_LAYOUT flag replaced with menu option

From: Jon Kinsey
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] USE_OLD_LAYOUT flag replaced with menu option
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 09:07:03 +0000
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Nardy Pillards wrote:
Normal build does include 3D, but I don't think the overload (300 KB: 1 850 kB vs 1 549 kB) will cause people to ask for a 2D build.
Correct me here if I'm wrong.
That's roughly what I get:
2d only: 1636k -> 606k (zipped)
3d as well: 1941k -> 714k (zipped)

Ned Cross wrote:
>One thing I noticed in the past when using 2D boards with the 3D
> "docked panels" version, was that GNUBG would give me about 50 lines of
> errors about undefined textures, etc when I selected one of the preset 2D
> board designs from the GUI.  Do you know if that issue is fixed with the
> changes you have incorporated?
I'll remove the 3d texture warnings when you're using a 2d board.


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