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RE: [Bug-gnubg] CRASH: Unexplained exit after editing

From: Ian Shaw
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnubg] CRASH: Unexplained exit after editing
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 10:52:01 -0000

Jon Kinsey wrote:
> > 
> >>Ian Shaw wrote:
> >>>Windows build 1.1517 2 March 04 - Old style
> >>>
> >>>1. Start new money session with both players human.
> >>>2. Play 1st move.
> >>>3. Enter edit mode.
> >>>4. Clear board & set up any position.
> >>>5. Exit Edit mode
> >>>6. CTRL+H (my Hint shortcut)
> >>>7. gnubg exits with no warning
> >>>
> In step 4 I just cleared the board and then clicked on a few 
> points to 
> put some chequers back - is this what you meant?
> Can you try doing a couple of different things to try and see exactly 
> what might be the problem - perhaps I'll be able to recreate 
> it then...
Strange, I can produce it absolutely reliably.
I start a session, play the first move, enter edit mode, clear the board, 
swoosh a 3-deep five prime centred on the six point for each side, exit edit 
mode, analyse...hint (or the shortcut key) and voila!

Here's some more tests.
CTRL-drag the chequers to the same position. Still crashes.
Drag a single chequer from 13/10. No crash; hint appears.

I've attached my config files, in case they're useful.

Just in case it's relevant: I've got a gnubg-no-gui running a rollout in the 
background (I'm not prepared to stop it right now to do a test).

-- Ian

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