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Re: [Bug-gnubg] BUG: Crash using one-sided database on disk

From: Achim Mueller
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] BUG: Crash using one-sided database on disk
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 14:13:48 +0200
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* Ian Shaw wrote on 28 Apr 2004:

> D'oh! I misunderstood my own directory structure. It looks like I generated 
> the 8 - 13 one-sided files myself in Dec 2002.
> Does anyone have the correct checksum? Didn't Achim create some database 
> files a while ago?

No, but I can if it's needed. Does anybody know how long this will
last on a athlon 2200+ with 1.5GB RAM?

BTW, here are the checksums of all available bases:

81b3898f06bbd08ee8295a839251a10a  os/os10.bd
78ecb4be86dab6af8755ea4063d50fb6  os/os11.bd
770fcff48894a96ebb2249343ef94866  os/os12.bd
3dc7b833c4670849cee00479a9e21b49  os/os6.bd
67235c8e0ee152df5daf36cbeae5b3c2  os/os7.bd
a4acbb5c7e9e1f08e561afe0af934e5c  os/os8.bd
9c4ddab4e51c3e668c9c97b8f8768dbc  os/os9.bd

12dc70c86f356d06bc96ee38dee40c62  ts/6x10.bd
68a0fa972bdde7b14a6b911d1dc80a30  ts/6x11.bd
44b6040b49b46cb9dd2ce8caa947044d  ts/6x6.bd
9eb8b042d4d2ddf8d40e74a892745ad5  ts/6x7.bd
fcdbbc80b7ef84ddc81b839d0f26bed1  ts/6x8.bd
a11b2d410d51401143d05e73f9ffac15  ts/6x9.bd

aad5fd434a5f1fed19d78c63dc142372  Hyper/hyper1.bd
efe7c4604bd42f4f015069ac94d12009  Hyper/hyper2.bd
abf71b6435e825419547ad745a2ae04b  Hyper/hyper3.bd



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