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RE: [Bug-gnubg] Fwd: Re: A couple 14.3 bugs

From: Ned Cross
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnubg] Fwd: Re: A couple 14.3 bugs
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 20:11:22 -0700

I have had the same bug cause my GNUBG installation to crash today.

Running version 0.14.3-dev; CL 1.1633 from 040719 on Win2k.

I couldn't save the position because GNUBG crashed, but I was on the bar
against a 2 or 3 point board, playing against GNU, and I rolled 2-1, which
caused me to dance.  I received a pop-up window that stated twice
"playername cannot move",  (Where "playername" was the name for the bottom
player) and GNU just closed.  I am running the program with the 2-d board,
panels un-docked, game, annotation, and hint windows open, but not message
window, and the main window somewhat smaller: width 540, height 619.

Ned Cross

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Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Fwd: Re: A couple 14.3 bugs

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Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 18:33:14 EDT
Subject: Re: A couple 14.3 bugs
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Hello Jxrn:

Thank you for making such a tremendous program available!!!!!

On my Sony/XP Home system, the following two things happen:

1.  When I try to go from 2-D to 3-D in "Settings", as soon as I press the
button after ticking the 3-D box, the program shuts down and wants to send
error to Microsoft.  It occurs to me that my graphics card may be at issue,
because I also have a Sony TR2 laptop which can handle the 3-D just fine,
although my main machine is less tha year old and so should be able to
handle it.

2.  When I am primed and cannot use either die of a given roll, the program
sends a dialogue box informing me that I cannot use either die, and then
promptly shuts down (no offer to contact Microsoft, either).  I haven't
whether it happens on my TR2 laptop unit yet (maybe I'm too good and never
primed on that machine....)

FYI - I am refering to the current 6.187 MB "setup.exe", downloaded just a
few days ago, augmented with with the 1.257 MB "gnubg040712Zip.exe".  I have
since gone back to the July 07 2003, 0.14 build, which works just fine on my

Thank you - Satyadhana

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Cn you re-post in text-only, please?


On Sat, Jul 24, 2004 at 11:35:36AM -0400, address@hidden wrote
> First, thank you for making this world-class program available!
> A couple bugs on my Sony Windows XP Home windows system:
> 1.  When I am blocked and cannot make a move (say behind a prime), I get a
> dialogue box saying this 9something to the effect that I cannot move), and
> the entire program ends.
> 2.  The 3-D board is unstable, in that when in "Settings" I go from 2-D to
> 3-D and press "OK", the program freezes up and quits.  I would note that
> laptop it works fine, and so it may be a glitch in my video system.
> Thanx - Satyadhana
Joern Thyssen, PhD
Vendsysselgade 3, 3., DK-9000 Aalborg, Denmark
+45 9813 2791 (private) / +45 2818 0183 (cellular) / +45 9633 7036 (work)

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