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Re: [Bug-gnubg] comparing pruning version with previous ones

From: Joseph Heled
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] comparing pruning version with previous ones
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 10:54:19 +1300
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Jim Segrave wrote:
On Fri 15 Oct 2004 (20:11 +0200), Jim Segrave wrote:

On Thu 14 Oct 2004 (18:52 +0200), Renzo Campagna wrote:

Hi all, i've installed both archives (new setup & pruning extra), but my
analysed files from previous version of GNU BG now are not readable
correctly (wrong numbers in analisys summary, all values are 0 in analisys

I just ran 297 matches containing 2211 games which were analysed with
earlier versions of gnubg - the .sgf files date from April until
September of this year. I used a previous version to read each .sgf
file and output the match statistics and the statistics for each
individual game. I then read the same .sgf files with a pruning
version and collected the same output.

Of the matches, 14 had differences in the output, all of which were
changes in assigning Missed doubles as being above or below the
doubling point.

Thanks. Can you spot check that those were borderline cases?

While I haven't done a complete walktrhough of all the .sgf files,
when I do spot checks, the analysis windows show the same values with
the older version as the new one. So I don't see any problem with
reading .sgf files from older versions of gnubg.

If you have one which seems very wrong under the new version, please
mail me a copy.

I am updating the .sgf file format to account properly for pruning and
the expectation that reduced evaluations will shortly be discarded in
favour of just pruning.

Not sure what you mean? 'reduced' is already 'ifdefed' out. I just did not remove it from the sgf since that would *surly* break old sgf's.
And the pruning data is in the new sgf's. So, what do you actually want to do?


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