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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Web site update.

From: Øystein Johansen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Web site update.
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 00:14:14 +0200
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Ausbilder Schmidt wrote:
| Hi, thanks a lot.
| What does a documentation writer write?
| (documenting the programming??)

Yes. The manual need some work.

So... how to write the manual and other documentation? That's the big

Normally, GNU projects have have all their manuals written in texinfo*
and it's included in the souce tarball, and also availble in several
different compiled formats at the web site.

*) Texinfo is a format that can produce a number of different other
formats. LaTeX (and from there PostScript, dvi and pdf), html, docbook
and other smart formats. Texinfo is also the standard documentation
format for GNU projects.

We have a sparse manual written in texinfo, but it isn't very helpful. I
have also started to rewrite the manual (in LaTeX), but I lost my
motivation and haven't worked on my document in a while.

So here's a suggestion:
At the web site I put up something like a wiki for writing the manual.
As a starting point we use some bits of this and some bits of that.
Anyone with an account at the site can add and modify whatever they
want. Will this help us complete the manual?

Suggested manual contents:
*Please comment*

        \section{Neural Net technology}
        \section{How strong is GNU?}
        \section{Brief feature list}
\chapter{Playing a game or match}
<Rules from Tom Kieth>
        \section{The rules of backgammon}
                \subsection{Object of the Game}
                \subsection{Movement of the Checkers}
                \subsection{Hitting and Entering}
                \subsection{Bearing Off}
                \subsection{Gammons and Backgammons}
                \subsection{Optional Rules}
                \subsection{Rules of Match Play}
</Rules from Tom Kieth>
        \section{Starting GNU Backgammon}
                \subsection{Starting GNU Backgammon at Linux and Unix}
                \subsection{Starting GNU Backgammon at Microsoft Windows}
                And mac!
        \section{Starting a new match}
        \section{Rolling the dice}
        \section{Moving the checkers}
                \subsection{Drag and drop}
                \subsection{Moving checkers by clicking}
                \subsection{Undo a move}
                \subsection{Some shortcuts}
        \section{Using the doubling cube}
                \subsection{Offering a double}
                \subsection{Accepting or declining a cube}
                \subsection{Offering a resignation}
                \subsection{Accepting or declining a resignation}
        \section{Getting hints and tutor mode}
                \subsection{Getting checker play hints while playing}
                \subsection{Getting cube decision hints while playing}
                \subsection{The hint tool buttons}
                \subsection{Tutor mode}
        \section{Time controls}

\chapter{Evaluation settings}
        \section{Introduction to evaluation settings}
        \section{The depth to search and plies}
        \section{Defining evaluation settings}
                \subsection{The evaluation settings dialog}
                \subsection{Predefined settings}
                \subsection{Defining move filters}
        \section{Cubeful vs. Cubeless}

\chapter{Setting up a position}
        What do we write here?

\chapter{Working with matches}
        \section{Opening and importing matches}
        \section{Entering live tournament matches into GNU Backgammon}
                \subsection{Entering illegal moves}
        \section{Analysing matches}
        \section{Reviewing matches}
        \section{Exporting matches to other formats}
                \subsection{HTML export}
                \subsection{\LaTeX{} export}
                \subsection{PostScript{} export}
                \subsection{PDF export}
                \subsection{\texttt{.mat} format export}

        \section{Intoduction to rollouts} % FIXME Find a better title
        \section{How to set up a rollout}
~        I guess we have to explain all the rollout options.
        This may be a long boring chapter.

\chapter{Customsing GNU Backgammon}
        \section{Options worth mentioning}

\chapter{Advanced topics}
        \section{Bearoff databases}
        \section{Match Equity Tables}
                \subsection{Python scripting}
                \subsection{Guile scripting}

While you discuss how the documentation structure, I'll search for some
wiki tool to upload to www.gnubg.org. (Or maybe a wiki thing isn't the

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