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[Bug-gnulib] Re: Patch proposal: 1-gary-safe-xfree.patch

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: [Bug-gnulib] Re: Patch proposal: 1-gary-safe-xfree.patch
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 16:14:38 +0200
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"Gary V.Vaughan" <address@hidden> writes:

> If zalloc (S) === xcalloc (1, S), that would be cool.

How about zalloc (S) = calloc (1, S), and xzalloc (S) = xcalloc (1,
S), for consistency?

However, I wonder if that zalloc is a good idea; C literate, but
gnulib illiterate, people can be assumed to know about calloc(), but
not zalloc, so we would optimize away a '1,' but get less widely
understood code in exchange.  So perhaps only xzalloc makes sense, in
which case it could just as well be called zalloc like you propose.

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