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Re: GNUmakefile: git-version-gen, maintainer-check, install

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: GNUmakefile: git-version-gen, maintainer-check, install
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 06:08:31 -0600
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According to Joel E. Denny on 8/26/2008 1:28 AM:
> On Sat, 9 Aug 2008, Joel E. Denny wrote:
>> Also, I noticed that the stale version warning for make install always 
>> scrolls out of the terminal window.  I never notice it unless I'm looking 
>> for it, so it's not doing me much good.  Is there any way to print it 
>> last?
> This is the error message I'm referring to, in case that helps:
>   % make install
>   WARNING: version string 2.3b.21-d67c5-dirty is out of date; run autoreconf 
> -f to fix it
>   make  install-recursive

Well, I tried to make it a hard error, so that it would be the only
output, but others on the list convinced me to reduce it back to a
warning.  I don't know of any GNU make construct to make it appear last.
Maybe we just insert a sleep 10 after printing the warning, so that the
interactive user has time to notice the message and Ctrl-C the build,
while an unattended install eventually proceeds?

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