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Re: [PATCH] Add optional silent-rules support

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Add optional silent-rules support
Date: Sat, 23 May 2009 18:21:24 +0200
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Eric Blake wrote:
> Would it be possible to change gnulib-tool to generate the appropriate
> $(AM_V_GEN) output itself, rather than making bootstrap do a post-process
> pass?  After all, not all projects use the bootstrap script.

Seconded, because
  - the silencing that you have in mind can also be useful for projects that
    don't use this particular 'bootstrap' script,
  - making the change in gnulib-tool is certainly more reliable that through

When I use --enable-silent-rules, there is not much output that is not like

  CC     strstr.lo
  CCLD   libgnu.la

So for me, the status quo in gnulib-tool is quite fine. If you have
different goals, possibly to change *all* Makefile rules to be of this

  GEN    target

form, feel free to implement a gnulib-tool option


Since the desired output is a matter of taste, I expect that this option
could take additional values in the long run, not only 'normal', 'minimal'.


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