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Re: sc_Wundef_boolean

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: sc_Wundef_boolean
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 13:05:34 +0100
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Pádraig Brady <address@hidden> writes:

> On 24/03/10 08:56, Simon Josefsson wrote:
>> This syntax-check warning appears to fail:
>> address@hidden:~/src/libidn master$ make sc_Wundef_boolean
>> Wundef_boolean
>> grep: : No such file or directory
>> address@hidden:~/src/libidn master$ 
>> Any reason we can't use the normal VC_LIST_EXCEPT instead?  It will
>> check more files than just config.h.  Alternatively, use VC_LIST_EXCEPT
>> as a fall back if CONFIG_INCLUDE is not available, which happens when
>> autoreconf/configure haven't been run yet.
> I'd rather restrict it to the config header as
> the matching expression is quite general.
> The attached patch just skips the check if the
> config header is not present.

That approach works for me, please push.


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