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OpenBSD 4.7 vs nanosleep

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: OpenBSD 4.7 vs nanosleep
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2010 19:52:06 +0200


In this part of test-nanosleep.c, on OpenBSD 4.7,
nanosleep ends up sleeping the 10 seconds before returning 0.
Wrong on both counts.  It shouldn't sleep at all, and it should
have returned -1.

  main (void)
    struct timespec ts;

    ts.tv_sec = 10;
    ts.tv_nsec = -1;
    errno = 0;
    ASSERT (nanosleep (&ts, NULL) == -1);
    ASSERT (errno == EINVAL);

The original test had tv-sec = 1000 seconds there,
so at first I thought it was hung in an infinite loop.
No patience here, at least not 1000s worth ;-)

This isn't a show-stopper for the coreutils release.

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