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Re: updating gnulib-tool.py

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: updating gnulib-tool.py
Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2022 03:21:23 +0200

Today's changes:

2022-08-05  Bruno Haible  <bruno@clisp.org>

        gnulib-tool.py: Don't initialize local variables too early.
        * gnulib-tool.py (main): Initialize each local variable in one place.
        I prefer to have pylint tell me about uninitialized variables than to
        get the value None at runtime.

        gnulib-tool.py: Finish implementing option --po-domain.
        * gnulib-tool.py (main): Accept option --po-domain.
        * pygnulib/GLEmiter.py (GLEmiter.po_POTFILES_in): Fix variable
        * pygnulib/GLImport.py (GLImport.execute): Don't delete Makefile.in.in
        from the gnulib directory. Don't require a shell when invoking wget.
        After invoking wget, restore the current directory.

        gnulib-tool.py: Finish implementing option --macro-prefix.
        * gnulib-tool.py (main): Accept option --macro-prefix.

        gnulib-tool.py: Refactor --makefile-name option.
        * gnulib-tool.py (main): Handle option --makefile-name like all other
        string-valued options.

        gnulib-tool.py: Implement option --no-libtool.
        * gnulib-tool.py (main): Accept option --no-libtool.

        gnulib-tool.py: Remove redundant type checks.
        * pygnulib/GLConfig.py (GLConfig.__init__): Remove redundant type
        checks, left over from 2022-08-04.
        (GLConfig.getIncludeGuardPrefix): Improve comment.
        (GLConfig.resetMacroPrefix): Optimize.

        gnulib-tool.py: Refactor --makefile-name option.
        * gnulib-tool.py (main): Rename variable 'makefile' to 'makefile_name'.
        * pygnulib/GLConfig.py: Rename attribute 'makefile' to 'makefile_name'.
        * pygnulib/GLMakefileTable.py: Update.
        * pygnulib/GLEmiter.py: Likewise.
        * pygnulib/GLImport.py: Likewise.
        * pygnulib/GLFileSystem.py (GLFileAssistant): Remove unused assignment.

        gnulib-tool.py: Fix link_if_changed function.
        * pygnulib/constants.py (joinpath): Fix comment.
        (as_link_value_at_dest): New function, extracted from link_relative.
        (link_relative): Use it.
        (link_if_changed): Really don't replace the symbolic link if it does not
        need to change.

        gnulib-tool.py: Fix 'Unused import' warnings.
        * gnulib-tool.py: Remove unused imports.
        * pygnulib/*.py: Likewise.

        gnulib-tool.py: Fix 'Undefined variable' errors.
        * pygnulib/constants.py: Import codecs.
        * pygnulib/GLConfig.py (GLConfig.setLibName): Fix local variable
        * pygnulib/GLFileSystem.py (GLFileSystem.lookup,
        GLFileAssistant.update): Fix local variable references.
        * pygnulib/GLEmiter.py (GLEmiter.po_POTFILES_in): Fix reference.
        * pygnulib/GLTestDir.py (GLMegaTestDir.execute): Define missing local

        gnulib-tool.py: Make option --version work.
        * pygnulib/constants.py (__copyright__): Bump copyright year.
        * pygnulib/GLInfo.py (GLInfo.authors): Add a comma after the
        second-to-last author.
        (GLInfo.copyright): Show only the last modification year.
        (GLInfo.date): Check whether git and GNU date are available. Use
        'git log ChangeLog', not 'git log'. Run 'git log' in the gnulib
        directory, not in the current directory. Search for 'Date:' only at the
        beginning of a line. As a fallback, look at the first ChangeLog entry.
        (GLInfo.version): Check whether git is available. Run git-version-gen in
        the gnulib directory, not in the current directory. Replace '-dirty'
        with '-modified'. As a fallback, return the empty string.
        * gnulib-tool.py (main) [--version]: Add a space before the version.

        gnulib-tool.py: Simplify.
        * pygnulib/constants.py (compiler): Remove function.
        * gnulib-tool.py: Use re.compile directly instead.
        * pygnulib/*.py: Likewise.

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