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Re: [bug-GNUnet] Debian Dependency

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: [bug-GNUnet] Debian Dependency
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 21:27:13 +0200
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Why do you believe that?  We use libgcrypt, not OpenSSL.  Note that you can 
have CURL installations using either libgcrypt or libssl, but that's an 
*indirect* dependency which we don't list anyway (otherwise the list would be 
*very* long).

If you would provide a more specific (compiler/linker) error message, I might 
be able to say more.



On Saturday 19 September 2009 02:31:22 Kris Carlson wrote:
> Hello,
>   I'm not sure but I believe libssl-dev is also required to compile gnunet
> for Debian Squeeze.
> ~Kris

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