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Re: Fallout from NSLog -> NSDebug{L,LL}og change...

From: Jeff Teunissen
Subject: Re: Fallout from NSLog -> NSDebug{L,LL}og change...
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2001 05:14:35 -0500

Richard Frith-Macdonald wrote:
> On Sunday, March 4, 2001, at 02:23 AM, Jeff Teunissen wrote:
> > Switching to NSDebugLog and friends caused some problems linking -- gui
> > and xgps have files trying to use it but which don't include
> > Foundation/NSDebug.h -- here's a patch for xgps. I have a patch for gui
> > too, but I've made local changes there that need to be sorted out.
> I think this patch is bogus ... I believe that all the source files in
> xgps that use NSDebugLog include NSDebug.h themselves.

in core/xgps...

grep -L -E 'Foundation/(NSDebug|Foundation)+\.h' \
$(grep -rl -E '(NSDebug(FL|F|ML|M|L)?Log)' .)


Obviously, ChangeLog can be ignored. :)

> As for the gui library,  all source files should include config.h, and
> config.h includes NSDebug.h ... so there is nothing to be done there
> either.

...except perhaps for clarity; I find that it usually helps to explicitly
include the files whose functions I use. YMMV.

> Probably you had link problems for some other reason entirely - it all
> worked for me yesterday when I did a full checkout from the new CVS
> repository.

Yes, I was having problems with config.h in -gui -- I ran
'autoheader && aclocal && autoconf' to regenerate the autoconf-managed
files. config.h.in lost some information, because there was no acconfig.h
for "local" information. My mistake.

Since then, I have taken to simply running:

for i in configure install-sh mkinstalldirs; do
  find -name $i | xargs chmod +x

when the scripts get updated.

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