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Re: bug in NSBundleAdditions.m

From: Stephen Brandon
Subject: Re: bug in NSBundleAdditions.m
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 17:30:25 +0000

On Monday 11 Feb 2002 5:26 pm, you wrote:
> > + (BOOL) loadNibFile:(NSString *)fileName externalNameTable:
> > (NSDictionary *)context withZone: (NSZone *)zone
> I found thaty calling hat method I had to drop  the suffix entirely - then
> it found .nibs on OpenStep and .gmodels under GNUstep. Cant the diff just
> chop off the '.nib' extension and rely on the normal rules to then find the
> apoprorpiate file ? That way it would also find .gorm files if they
> existed.
> -bat.

Uh, yes, but this is being called *automatically* because it's the main 
bundle thingy. I never did get to call it bla.nib -- it just assumed it.


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