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Re: NSSavePanel complains about .hidden

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: NSSavePanel complains about .hidden
Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2002 00:43:27 +0200
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Adam Fedor wrote:
Fred Kiefer wrote:

Fred Kiefer wrote:
> BTW, this error message is shown eight times, when a NSSavePanel is opened,
 > although only two columns are shown. I will inspect into this to find
 > out if there are unneeded operations going on.

After a bit of investigation I did find out that this behaviour is there by specification. The NSDocumentController first initialises the NSOpenPanel by setting the directory and than starts it without giving a directory. This leads to the NSBrowser being set to the same path twice and thereby reading all the directories in the path twice. As it is hard to determine if we get the same path again in NSBrowser, I would recommend that we change the NSDocumentController to start up the NSOpenPanel with the directory directly, without first setting this.

This is not exactly what the specification says, so I would like to ask if somebody could test this on MacOSX and even if they do it different, I would vote for this change.

I didn't test this on MacOSX, but it sounds fine to me. Although I don't see where either behavior is described in the documentation

The old behaviour is described in detail in the NSDocumentController interface. See,

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