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Re: Once again the NSOutlineView

From: Andreas Heppel
Subject: Re: Once again the NSOutlineView
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 09:31:49 +0100


On 2004-02-15 00:35:23 +0100 Gregory John Casamento <address@hidden> wrote:

> Perhaps you may want to take over the maintainance this class?
If there is noone else to do it right now, I will, yes. In particular as it seems like I was the only app developer who is intensely using this class (or

say, who is trying to get most outof it :-) But be aware that I probably do not understand this code much better than you ;-)

I wrote NSOutlineView, so please, if you have any questions about why something
was done in a particular way, please let me know.  I use this class heavily in
Gorm.  It was, in fact, originally implemented by me so that we could have an
outline based view of the class hierarchy in Gorm.

That's good to know. Maybe I am going to bother you with some questions later :-)

But seriously, I can do it and maybe I should also take some care of NSTableView as NSOutlineView's ancestor. I've come across some strange stuff here too, but didn't dig into it, yet. BTW, who is the originator of those classes? Maybe he can be of some help for understanding the code.

Fabien worked on NSTableView mainly, he and I cooperated when I wrote
NSOutlineView to make the code more efficient. There is a lot of complex code
in both of these classes, so change them with care.
My original intent was to get NSOutlineView working for my purposes, in particular dnd and some reloading issues. Of course, I tried (and with possible further changes will try) to not break any existing code. Concerning the maintenance of those classes (or NSOutlineView in particular) I am quite indifferent. If there is need for a maintainer I can do it, if there is already one, I don't see a reason for a change.
I think, we only have to agree on who is going to responsible for this.


Andreas Heppel

Mail: aheppel at web dot de
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