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Re: Once again the NSOutlineView

From: Andreas Heppel
Subject: Re: Once again the NSOutlineView
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 16:45:03 +0100


On 2004-02-17 03:53:41 +0100 Gregory John Casamento <address@hidden> wrote:

a > part of my patch is missing, and I wonder why.
At the end of the reloadItem... method I updated _items and _levelOfItems
to > ensure that those containers reflect the possible change of the item
object. > Did you just forget this or was something wrong with that part of the

What was the change?
See the attached patch. It contains what is missing. Basically. the code updates the _items and _levelOfItems lists. The thought was, that if in reloadItem the outline view gets another item object both data structures currently still hold references to the old one. I am actually not quite sure whether it is ok and does not break anything else, but here it seems to work so far. You better check that :-)

I did forget about that, or rather, I didn't even realize that there was
more in the patch. Sorry for that. As I am currently away from home it will
some time until I am able to correct this. Perhaps somebody else will pick
up this task?

I will.


Andreas Heppel

Mail: aheppel at web dot de
Home: http://www.andreasheppel.de

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