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Changes in NSGeometry.m

From: Matthias Hengartner
Subject: Changes in NSGeometry.m
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 13:34:04 +0200


as I already mentioned, the functions NSStringFromRect, NSStringFromPoint
and NSStringFromSize produce a format, that is not readably by the
NSRectFromString etc. on OPENSTEP.
There are only minor changes (add spaces before and after the "=") to make
it compatible to OPENSTEP (and keep it compatible to GNUstep and MacOSX).

Best regards from Zurich
Matthias Hengartner

********* change log *********
2005-08-17 <hengartner at ivt dot baug dot ethz dot ch>

* NSGeometry.m (NSStringFromPoint): Changed Format

(NSStringFromRect): Changed Format

(NSStringFromSize): Changed Format

********* diff file *********
<       @"{x=%g; y=%g}", aPoint.x, aPoint.y];
>       @"{x = %g; y = %g}", aPoint.x, aPoint.y];
<       @"{x=%g; y=%g; width=%g; height=%g}",
>       @"{x = %g; y = %g; width = %g; height = %g}",
<       @"{width=%g; height=%g}", aSize.width, aSize.height];
>       @"{width = %g; height = %g}", aSize.width, aSize.height];

Matthias Hengartner
IVT ETH Z├╝rich
++ 41 44 633 68 16

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